Tom Paton is one of the UK’s most skilled editors, specialising in Adobe Premiere Pro. With a strong understanding of narrative structure and a distinguished sense of flow to his style, Paton’s editing prowess has become well respected across the industry.


Able to bring an artistic flourish to any project, and well known for saving many films from the abyss, Paton has demonstrated an ability to bring wit & charm to any product that graces his desk.


Paton’s speed and workflow process is second to none, delivering projects back in record breaking times that would give most editors a heart attack.


With feature films including Redwood, Pandorica, Realm Of The Damned, Chronology & Dark Beacon under his belt, as well as over ten years experience editing adverts, music videos and viral content, Paton continues to hold a firm grasp over new editing techniques and software, whilst remembering the classic touches that make a great edit evergreen.


For more details on working with Tom, please get in touch via the contacts page.